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I write and illustrate webcomics & comic books now. www.theblueglueguy.com ----- I've stopped doing flash related projects for the time being and only use this account as an archive for my old flash stuff. Feel free to check them out.

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Comments (16)

are we gonna see some more pliskin action?

I hate to e annoying, but can you make the Pliskin move a little faster? Thanks and good luck on your projects :D

Well, if we waited 3 years for the sequel we can wait for the second episode.
Other than that, the game is pretty good, and the new additions to episode 2 are looking good.

I really like that you still use the same humor as the second one. I would like to see some recap of previous episodes where you criticize the graphic from the second episode :-P

I liked the Zelda parody ;-)

By the way, you forgot to put 2009 in front of the title =/

Meet The Medic done yet?

I think you may do voicover for every character, the file size is not a big issue, if you ask Tom nicely he will let you upload a large file.

Not long ago I saw a 30 MB game here on NG, so you really shouldn't worry about the file size. (Sorry for double post, but I think this woths to be mentioned.)

Good luck, and take your time! I'll be looking forward to your second part. :)

if you need any voice actors, id be glad to help

any news on the next part?

I'm still waiting! I want more of that humour where you kinda make a bit fun of yourself and stuff...

So... 2011 and still no updates on anything? Also, When is it coming out?

You know you said Pliskins was not successful but....
The game has 136,367 views and 4.33 score I don't know about you but I call that successful. I think the game was trully great maybe you launch it at a wrong time.
I hope you make part 2 because in my opinion your click point Pliskins is one of the best Games on Newgrounds.

So are you ever going to finish what you started?

"I will try to finish it this winter" - You 2009