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//Gnomi gets tweeked

Posted by Holy-Howard - May 2nd, 2008

I'm really sorry guys, but I removed the game for now.

Eventhough the game has only been up for 6 hours I'm quite shocked that it isn't more played as intended. I mean... only 3 reviews?

Not only that I've relized over 60 people have played act 1 and uploaded their score into the leaderboard, but the amounth of people completing act 2 has already dramaticly decreased to 13. Actually, only 5 people have finished all five acts.
5 from over 60! :-(

So it pretty obvious to say that the majority of gamers didn't had any fun with the first level and think the rest is as bad/boring or whatever. This project is too important to me to just forget about it and move on; so I removed it to tweek it.

I'm going to add more stuff and probably will redo the entire tutorial in a fun way.

Sorry again, guys - But only 5 people completing the game after 6 hours is not what I was hoping for.

- Howard

//Gnomi gets tweeked

Comments (4)

It is good!! I voted 5!!

good game

Come on, dude, you needed more time for people to play it instead of waiting 6 hours to see that only 5 people have beaten the game, then removing it.
When I finish my movies, (which I won't (for now)), I don't care if such few people watched it, as long as it sucessfully clears its ultimate battle, Judgement.
Put the game back and actually wait a long time (I say a week is good).
And good luck on The Rambo Bros. 3 (Looking forward to it, BTW)

true - but if 70 people played it and only 20 have passed level 2 then its pretty obvious it need some touchups.

Hmmm, I agree with ya.