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Meet the Spy is here

Posted by Holy-Howard - June 26th, 2008

Hey everybody.
The brand new cartoon based on the original "Meet the..." Videos is here and ready for you to watch. I'm sorry it took so long.

I've read trough all the reviews and feedbacks and made this video more like the originals. Meaning: less talk and more action. The video is still a bit longer than the VALVE videos but not as long as my "Meet the Pyro" cartoon.

Tell me what you think. Have fun watching.
Watch it here: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/


Meet the Spy is here

Comments (17)

Oh.... I thought you meant the ACTUAL video was here.... I'm extremely disappointed.

Valve just released the Sniper video last week.
We probably have to wait three or more month for the next official "Meet the..." video ;-)

as a big TF fan, that made me laugh so hard (particularly the hide and go seek line). I play as a medic by the way so the evil spy medic thing was very well done. I love a lot about this except it did seem a little choppy at some points (especially the frame rate) but that is excusable. propably the best fan made TF2 pearody yet. well done sir!

Why no 2008| at the beginning? :O

When I release a new flash I don't put the "200X|" infront of the title so everybody can see it is my latest work.
When a new flash has replaced the spy-catoon then it will get his year in the title.

It's brilliant!!! It feels exactly like the trailers directly from valve! You did an amazing job with this you just nailed the feel so feel with the lines and scenes and everything, amazingly well done

It was good. I bet Valve had the same Idea, it felt like the actual video to me.

Already reviwed it, don't hate me too much for it ;~)

What's your Steam ID :D

I don't play TF2 on the PC.
The Xbox version is the one I own. :)

i love when you make meet the... movies and i say *hit it doc* lol

Lol@the ending

Thats what you get for not getting the REAL version...I doubt valve will ever release the maps and weapons for the xbox because they would have to give Microsoft and EA money.

Well I'm not a big fan of playing games on the PC. The only kind of games I like playing on that plattform are strategy games and Sims-like stuff.
I like relaxing on my couch and play some rounds of TF2 instead of getting a spasm in my back and hand when playing with keyboard/mouse.

I'm still very happy that Valve actually ported this outstanding game for consoles. TF2 is probably the best expierence in a MP Shooter I had since TimeSplitters 2.

Valve said the new maps and stuff will come "soon" so I have my hopes up and I'm willing to pay for them too eventhough you PC folks got them for free.

But EA has nothing to do wih the Xbox version... ;)

This was really nice. I really liked the voice acting, I think you really did a nice job. The voice, but also the accent and the way it is said, really fits the spy's personality.
And I don't think the new maps and weapons won't come anytime soon for x360 :(

freakin sweet job im sending you a pm i hope you get it. great job you deserve what you got you earned it.

You should send this video to the TF2 staff at Valve. They would love it.

Also, with regards to you r playing games on the XBox, don't you know that a XBox 360 controller can be hooked up to a PC? If you don't have an XBox 360, then you can still just run down to the store and buy a 360 controller.

Thats cool but I think I would be VERY handicapped if I'd play with a controller against PC players.
I've watched some videos on youtube and thanks to a mouse you can turn around much quicker than on Xbox.

I'm happy with my console-version eventhough there are still no maps announced -_-"

It was groovy, just saw it today. Got Orange Box (PC) for my bday, June 30th, from my gf, and have been playing TF2 for... like 25 hours now. Lovin' it. Suck as spy, but love toasting them as pyro.

Make a Meet the Medic and Meet the Pyro since they're the only other ones besides Spy that Valve hasn't released yet, and let's see how close to the actual eventual ones you get, eh?

So, where's Legacy of Pliskin 3, eh..?

work in progress

-> currently translating my original script into english

Any chance you make Meet the Medic? Since he's the only class left.

Anyways, I like your style.

You sir know how to make people laugh! This meet the spy is sweeet!