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LoP3 News #2

Posted by Holy-Howard - November 15th, 2008

It's newstime once again.
The Lop3 progress goes on well. The script is now finished and the first voice actors are on the job. I'm currently drawing the 50 to 60 background pictures and first characters.

Like in the first game the backgrounds are completely handrawn... well... mouse-drawn actually.
So completing them takes up a good amounth of time.
Keep in mind, that the pics are early backgrounds. In the final version, there will be more characters, an HUD and some lightning effects. But tell me what you think anyway; there are more pics on my homepage.

Till then!
- Howard

LoP3 News #2

Comments (13)

Ha ha, me and my friend are also making a trilogy. It's called Legend of Praelia.

YAY! i was waiting for a sequel to LoP2 from 2007 and now you make one...

pfew, i olmost thought you where dead


That looks like the place from the second game and i think i know whats gunna happen

LoP2 is very bugged,friend.
The stupid mouse doesn't take the stupid cheese(and I have Flash 10!!!)

how about a little update, my friend........?
we want to know where ur now with ur LoP3 head.....

i really do hate your animations

leave an update! Im dieing to know how LoP3 is going! i'm Really happy your making another one good luck!!!

teserut, why do you not like the animations of Holy?

Whatever, good luck, Holy-Man. ;)

Will you PLEASE tell me when exactly is LoP3 comimg out? I've been waiting for it a long time!

Wow. I was actually about to ask you how lop3 was going. And there you answer me before I got the chance to ask.

Thanks for your answer. Looking forward to it.

i love your games, i cant wait till LOP3 is out, your combination of amazing graphics, great escape point and click style, and humorous smart alec jokes makes the LOP3 trilogy the best!

p.s. i hope theyre is another pokemon trainer Ash skeleton in LOP3!