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LoP3 Gameprogress

Posted by Holy-Howard - June 5th, 2009

Gameprogress was rather slow the last two months because of the filesize dilemma. The size exploded to 3,5 MB. Pretty damn big if you consider that there are still 4 chapters to go and there's going to be sidequests and secrets, too.

I tried a lot of ways to compress the data without losing too much quality. Unfortunately I have been unsuccessful and I'm pretty mad (and disappointed) I literally wasted the two months. So I decided to split Pliskins final adventure into two episodes.

Each episode will contain 3 main story chapters and about 5 sidequests. The good news is that I'm already done programming chapter 2; so there's only one major quest and some sidequests to go (Not counting the little bonus stuff like unlockable medals and secrets) and I'm going to release episode one as soon as I'm finished.

You can find some new screenshots on the projects-page at blueglue.de!

LoP3 Gameprogress

Comments (8)

That's gonna be cool! Can't wait to play it!

I like how you copied your site's news post onto NG.

Screenshot looks great though.

- I like how you copied your site's news post onto NG.

Pretty sweet, huh? Saved me 10 minutes. ;-P

Do you have an approximate date of release?

'Late summer' is the best I can say now.

W00t, but the sword WAS a secret weapon/easter egg in LoP2 if you have forgotten, so why did you include that in?

Oh btw, have you forgotten to update your twitter? x)

I always seems to forget to update stuff on twitter so I gave up on that. For news about my flashworks you better stay with the RSS on my website. ^^

Ah, I forgot about that.

god dam i love your games but they are taking ages i meen seriously 3 years since the last LoP the waiting is killing me!

cool.cant wait for it.