Flash logic - I love it

2009-06-21 09:42:26 by Holy-Howard

So, today I've been working on the main elements for the LoP3 statspage.
But for some mysterious reasons my dynamictext was invisible.

Two hours whacking my keyboard in rage and anger I tried bypassing the error via scripts and even rebuild the movieclip two times.

In the end it turned out the dynamic text where blocked out by my mask...

Wow, good to know the only way to make my text visible again is to embed the font.
Seriously, what is the point of that? It doesn't even make any lick of sense. WHAT WHERE THEY THINKING?!

*waved arms in terror*


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2009-06-21 15:12:23

so when do you think you will be done?


2009-06-27 12:32:21

Ya know, you were a bit like the Angry German Kid when you got angry. XD