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LoP3 - Episode 1 is 80% done

Posted by Holy-Howard - June 29th, 2009

Good new to everyone who is waiting for my new flashgame "Legacy of Pliskin 3".

It has been some busy months but I'm finally seeing some light at the end of the tunnel: The first episode of Pliskins final adventure is almost done.

With the main chapters all complete and I'm currently working on the sidequests. The game also needs more sound effects and the missing lines from some of the characters.
Then I'm going to add the bonus content and improve some graphics/animations.

Since a lot of people waited impatiently since 2006, I guess it's time to talk about the game itself, huh?
The game runs on a similar game mechanic as it was in the first two games.
This means Pliskin stand in the middle of the screen and the player can search the screen for clues and item for Pliskin to interact with (unlike the prequel this time he actually walks to the item he collects).
The game mechanic has been greatly improved and is not as glitchy as it was in LoP2 and to spice things up Pliskin has some cool new moves up his sleeve. Remember the final boss from part 2? I don't want to spoil it but Pliskin got the ability to use magic at this point.

This was no gag-event but actually a story-progress. In this game Pliskin can again use the magic spells which can be used to interact with other objects.
Don't worry about the game becoming a RPG - there are still plenty of other items to collect to solve the puzzles.
The giant golden sword he found inside Toms castle is also back - but since there are no enemies to fight he will use it to open door.

There are a lot of new NPCs which will help Pliskin anyway they can. While LoP2 only had about 5 this game will have over 20. There are also almost double as much backgrounds and locations this time around.

Pliskin will need the help he'll get to find the hideout of his nemesis Rufus. Maybe finally the story about Pliskins past and his role in Rufus strange plan will finally be revealed.

Comments (5)

I love your sieries, and I'm glad to hear it's 80 % done, but how many episoads there going to be? I am also, glad that you posted more news about it =3, too bad the first commen was the grossest peice of spam I have ever read. Oh well, goo look on the last 20% of LoP3 Ep. 1, I can't wait untill it comes out. ;D

Post got deleted and banned. Gotta love these NG features.

LoP 3 is going to be split into two episodes. Hope to release both of them this year.

LOL, glad about both things :D

glad to read that ur still here man :P
also glad to read that ur almost done.. id LOVE to see it ^^

but dude,
why using the Golden Sword as a key? XD

keep on working, nd good luck with it!
we love it if u would work harder, but for me u can just work like u do now ^^


You should really update your b anner and icon, Gnomotron was finished WAAAAAAAAAAAAY long ago, do a LoP 3 banner and icon, just a thought, don't need to do it.

Good idea. I should do that.

Also, you made a typo, you said new instead of news.