LoP3 about 95% done

2009-08-08 14:16:54 by Holy-Howard

Progress was quite slow last week since I had to wait for some voice lines to be recorded before I could continue working on the flash.

Today I got most of the lines (There is still one person who didn't had the chance to record his lines yet.) and completed the intro sequence.

Not much to do anymore exept the last lines and some additional sound effects.
But after that I have to compress the flash file to under 10 MB. Oh my...


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2009-08-08 14:25:34

1st comment! (Lol jk)

Can't wait. I'm on the edge of my seat. I never expected the seiries to get this popular especialy after I saw how the first one looked. Good job. When do you think it's going to come out.


2009-08-08 14:28:54

do it quick please !


2009-08-08 15:09:13

What's LoP?


2009-08-11 18:27:09

Legend of Plisken