LoP3 is here!

2009-08-21 16:28:43 by Holy-Howard

"Legacy of Pliskin Trilogy Part 3 Episode One" is finally online!

Wow, it's been slightly over a year since I started this project and it's a relieving feeling to finally be done with this game. (Well... there's still episode two which needs to be done but that can wait ;-)

There are a lot of love, frustration and sleepless hours behind this baby, so I hope you like playing it as much as I liked programming it.
If not, then be sure to write me and tell me what can be improved for Ep2.


Don't be shy: vote and review!
I'm really looking forward what you guys and gals think about the game.

LoP3 is here!


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2009-08-21 17:36:42

holy hell no offence but its about damn time you did this still i played it and its proably one of the best free online games ever the humor was on the button the puzzles were hard hope part 2 doesnt take as long

Holy-Howard responds:

None taken - but hey, as long as the game is free I can take as long as I want. :-P


2009-08-21 18:11:54

SHIT YEAH! I'm going to play this game 24/7/365/


2009-08-21 18:17:19

I'm happy, for your success!


2009-08-21 23:55:07

now time to wait another 3 years
hmm... now only if i could jump time to when you are finished with the next one


2009-08-22 08:58:03

Actully, the second part is coming out this year also, I think

Holy-Howard responds:

I try to finish ep 2 this winter.


2009-08-22 15:14:21



2009-09-15 12:31:44

It seems nice. I hope just that it will make sence with the rest of the triology. I like that self irony that you put into the game. It was very sentral in part 2 and now you continue to have it.

Pliskin: And I got trough the portal in only two years. I ment seconds...


2011-07-04 02:25:57

this game is awsome