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Legacy of Pliskin 3.2 - Looking for background artist

Posted by Holy-Howard - June 27th, 2012


I'm writing and illustrating silly comics now.
CHECK THEM OUT HERE: www.theblueglueguy.com


(Who knows what's going to happen...)


Hi there,

I'm getting a lot of email at the moment asking about the status of the last part of the "Legacy of Pliskin" adventuregame saga. Because we have the year 2012 and so far all games have been released on a 3-year scale people ask if it will be finally released this year.

Unfortunately the game is still only halfway done simply because I don't have the time and nerve to continue the project on weekends. Yeah, I guess its pretty much laziness on my part but during the week I'm working on a computer coding away and the last thing I want is to do the same on my only two free days.

Another reason is that there are still tons of backgrounds missing and even doing only one takes almost an entire day (at least for me).

So I am asking you, if you or somebody you know has good drawing skills, can draw beautiful vectorbased backgrounds and want to help me finish the game please by all means contact me. This would make the games completion so much faster.

Please keep in mind that this is a non-profitable project so I can't offer any money.

If interested please contact me via the contact form on my completely out-dated website. The fans and I would really appreciate the help.

Legacy of Pliskin 3.2 - Looking for background artist

Comments (10)

Nice Job you should make a game where you have your own life

In fact... I do know someone that is great with graphics. At least from my opinion. They where my classmates at school. Not sure about the vector based graphic, tough. I can of course post it on facebook. See if any graphical artist may be interested.

I may assist, aswell with character designs, but I dunno if you still make em'.

I don't know anyone who can help but I just wanted to say that I loved these games (in fact, I'm rocking out to the Tom Boss fight music right now lol). I can't wait to play the newest one, no matter how long it takes to complete. I know I'm not the only one who feels this way, and I've really immersed myself in the story up to this point. Great job and I hope you've enjoyed making these games as much as I've enjoyed playing them! Best of luck!

wow... it's been a couple of years now... still no news... I wish I could be of any help... Hence, I would help being a voice actor even tough my English is not perfect. Or maybe help with ideas and suggestions.

Well... if I can help, in any way. Please let me know.

I want to see The Rambo Bros. 3!
Please working

I can't believe it's still not out yet :O

2017 and still no game...

2019 and still no game....

edit: august 2019 still nothing oof

@Alberto66 ditto