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Very nice

This is a very nice game. Simple and nothing new but very well executed.

The graphics, eventhough nothing too spectacular, looked sharp and clean. The game menu was very well placed and the upgrades easy to spot.
I especially like the pause effect when scrolling through the menu.

What you could improve:
- Add some more variety into the game like power ups or something.
- Maybe add some kind of tactical value? I just hold the mouse and spammed bullets to victory.
- Addionally to the enemies add some obstacles (like moving walls or something) so the player is forced to move around them to hit the enemy. I mainly just stayed in the gamecenter and killed everyone.

Overall I would give this game a 7 out of 10. The emphasis lies on "would".
Since you just low- scored my game without any constructive criticism what-so-ever I'll return the favour.

2 points it is, pal.


It was okay.
The Boss battle was indees very funny.

But, do you anything against germans?


First off, its a funny idea.
And it looked you really took your time doing it.

But to be honest, I didn´t really find out how the game works *lol* ^^

But I hope you real Version is good, too.


This one was better than your Turd edition ;)
But, well, its very boring.
And the Car level is, sorry, a pain in the ass.

You can shoot the car only when its right infront of you, that pretty dumb.

You better make more action level.

It would be better if you deled this "one-live" Battle. Make Ghost have 5 Lives instead, and make more enemys, with other animation of course.
sound effects were ok and the grafic, well, its not really thaaat bad ;)

Just invest alittle more time than just 3 or 4 days. Hope I could hep ya a little.


Pretty cool game.
But harder then I thought.
3 FOULS and only a score of 102 *lol* :(


What that?
Theres just a picture "Origin".
Thats all? No button or anything?

edgemanx responds:

what that is? It's a picture put there later because I wanted to remove d-pc and I didn't know how so...

not bad

Was not bad at all.
But you have to fix those 2 bugs: People disapper, and the time doesnt stop at 0.

wasn´t bad

That was good.
Make new and better clothes for the nest one.
Everythingelse was great. :)


i liked it

good but not perfect

First up, I like your humor. And the little Koopashoot-game was funny.

But for episode 2 you HAVE to make sound effects.
In these days no movie cant live without sound effects and music.

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