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very good

That was great Movie you made here.
The grafics ans sounds are very good.

Hope 2 see part 2.

jb-cubed3 responds:

Thanks Holy-Howard. That was a good review and part 2 is in development as you read this. But, it does depend on what users think - we may add more or less of something based on scores. Anyway, many thanks for an excellent score.


why is it "Mature"?

That was great!
I cant get the song outta my head now ;)

Finally another good religion-Flash, those are pretty rar.


That was a very good Mario Flash.
I like the scene with the 3 question ;)

But the in the first scene where Mario and Luigi walk its hard to read because the text is white and the background skyblue. Next time, the text has to be black.

The rest was geat. Well done! ;)

Lazy-Mike responds:

thanks... i think i will change the colour now

you learned flash in only 30 days? wow!

that was very good.
The story was pointless, but who cares :D
The Music was great and fit perfectly.
Poor Strawberry, but no Wonder he gets shot, when he just stands there ;D

mooseproduce responds:

story=pointless. exactly! :)


That was better than I thought.
I liked the Sprites and the animation reminded me on smash bros. But you have to add some sound effects.

that was not bad

ok, ill be fair ;)
The Grafics where good and your Idea was very interesting. The music is ok but the whole "movie" is waaaaay to short. There have to be more View and Pile ups.
I give you 4 points so that no idiots can blam it so fast


The grafics where good, but WHY Nazis???


... this Flash is sooo cute ;)

I never get tired of Stickmovies ;)

It was funny, but way to short ;(

very good

That was very good - just alittle to short.
i liked the gag with Seymors Hair, he really looks like a retard...

hm, oh well, hope you make part 2. :)

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