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Awesome Animation

To be honest, I never liked these clock movies but this one knocked my socks off. It was funny has hell and the animation was AWESOME.
I also liked the good camera twist which made the movie look more professional!
I don’t think I’ll ever be able to do something like this - I’m way to lazy when it comes to animation -_-"

The only bad part where the robot voices which got on my nerves very quickly. But hey, it’s a clock movie - they have these voices.

Anyway, keep up the amazing work!

CrustClock responds:

How rational. <3


That was cool.
Drawing was alright, sound was very good and there was alot of action ^^

Good work!

Dark-Homsar responds:

Heh, good that you liked it.
I plan to continue.

Odd, my flash gets better and better :D


Hey, That was pretty funny.
I love the scene with Peach and the chainsaw ^^ *lol*

Hurry and make Part2 :)

Cream-E responds:

Tight, I got a review from the famous Holy-Howard, Thanks for ur review and the nice comments! :)

Star Wars is Crap

okay, Mappy. You wrote that my Mario Movie sucks ass?
Ok, I thought, This means Mappys is much better than mine.
But was the hell was that? Stupid Actionfigures in poorly quality jumping around???
You say I can´t animate? Well, you can´t either.
That sucked. Really! The style sucks because you used Star Wars Figures and didn´t come up with own ideas.
There were a view gags in there but that was about it.
So next time you tell me my Art sucks than submit a better one as well.

MappyTheKlown responds:

Well, sorry but your movie DID in fact suck ass. Obviously you didnt watch my movie because I didnt have any of the action figures jump around. But hey if you wanna see some REAL animation, go ahead and check out "To Kill A Clock" and see how much better I am than you. Have a nice day "All I can do is sprite movies" boy.


I watched your movei ;)
And thanks for the BLAM Point you gave me from your Ronald Flash ;)

Maurizio responds:

thanks a lot! I have a new movie coming out, but I'm trying to start my own company and I'm hoping to fit in the time some how. It should be up in...say...122 months from now : P


bissl falsch übersetzt.
Aber ist mir nur so am Rande aufgefallen ;)

mAeAx responds:

ja, es var nicht korekkt...it was meant to be like that to trick people that...sprechen Sie nicht Deutsch ^_^ ...(or is it deutsches...meh)


That was a funny quicky movie.
Good Grafics. But to short.
But well done.

carmelhadinosaur responds:


very good

That was great Movie you made here.
The grafics ans sounds are very good.

Hope 2 see part 2.

jb-cubed3 responds:

Thanks Holy-Howard. That was a good review and part 2 is in development as you read this. But, it does depend on what users think - we may add more or less of something based on scores. Anyway, many thanks for an excellent score.



That was a very good Mario Flash.
I like the scene with the 3 question ;)

But the in the first scene where Mario and Luigi walk its hard to read because the text is white and the background skyblue. Next time, the text has to be black.

The rest was geat. Well done! ;)

Lazy-Mike responds:

thanks... i think i will change the colour now

you learned flash in only 30 days? wow!

that was very good.
The story was pointless, but who cares :D
The Music was great and fit perfectly.
Poor Strawberry, but no Wonder he gets shot, when he just stands there ;D

mooseproduce responds:

story=pointless. exactly! :)

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