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Blueglue goes Twitter!

2007-07-29 12:27:14 by Holy-Howard

I have my very own twitter account now. If you want to know on what I'm working right now and want to be ahead of anybody else, then go here:


Woot! New NG Design!

2007-07-22 08:36:38 by Holy-Howard

Woah! Haven't been here on Newground for the last 6 months - gotta say, the new design is pretty neato. So many new options to choose from.

Ok, I'm currently working on two new flashs. Hurray!
A new "Nick Steel" cartoon and a shootinggame (Nope, not "Rambo Bros III", sorry).

The first act of the game is already finished (There are 4 in total) - after I'm back next weekend from my scotland vacation, I'll continue with act 2.
I'll try to finish the game in a few months, so I've released at least 1 work this year - but I don't promise.

Gonna explore my new account option now... Bye.