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I write and illustrate webcomics & comic books now. www.theblueglueguy.com ----- I've stopped doing flash related projects for the time being and only use this account as an archive for my old flash stuff. Feel free to check them out.

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Holy-Howard's News

Posted by Holy-Howard - June 5th, 2009

Gameprogress was rather slow the last two months because of the filesize dilemma. The size exploded to 3,5 MB. Pretty damn big if you consider that there are still 4 chapters to go and there's going to be sidequests and secrets, too.

I tried a lot of ways to compress the data without losing too much quality. Unfortunately I have been unsuccessful and I'm pretty mad (and disappointed) I literally wasted the two months. So I decided to split Pliskins final adventure into two episodes.

Each episode will contain 3 main story chapters and about 5 sidequests. The good news is that I'm already done programming chapter 2; so there's only one major quest and some sidequests to go (Not counting the little bonus stuff like unlockable medals and secrets) and I'm going to release episode one as soon as I'm finished.

You can find some new screenshots on the projects-page at blueglue.de!

LoP3 Gameprogress

Posted by Holy-Howard - November 15th, 2008

It's newstime once again.
The Lop3 progress goes on well. The script is now finished and the first voice actors are on the job. I'm currently drawing the 50 to 60 background pictures and first characters.

Like in the first game the backgrounds are completely handrawn... well... mouse-drawn actually.
So completing them takes up a good amounth of time.
Keep in mind, that the pics are early backgrounds. In the final version, there will be more characters, an HUD and some lightning effects. But tell me what you think anyway; there are more pics on my homepage.

Till then!
- Howard

LoP3 News #2

Posted by Holy-Howard - October 11th, 2008

Thanks to everybody who send me emails and PMs regarding my new game "Legacy of Pliskin 3". I now a lot of people are waiting impatiently for the last installment, so I think it's only fair to give you guys a little update on the development progress.

The script is already finished and the first voice actors are on the job. Right now I am drawing the over 60 background pictures.
When is the game going to be released? Sheesh, I don't know. Not this years that's for sure :-P

I will keep you guys updates as developement goes on.

Posted by Holy-Howard - June 26th, 2008

Hey everybody.
The brand new cartoon based on the original "Meet the..." Videos is here and ready for you to watch. I'm sorry it took so long.

I've read trough all the reviews and feedbacks and made this video more like the originals. Meaning: less talk and more action. The video is still a bit longer than the VALVE videos but not as long as my "Meet the Pyro" cartoon.

Tell me what you think. Have fun watching.
Watch it here: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/


Meet the Spy is here

Posted by Holy-Howard - May 28th, 2008

Hello Again,

Gnomi is back up again after I made some little changes and attachments. There are 4 new achievements ( one for beating each act), a new combosystem, some special enemies weakspots are now easier to detect (even without looking at the tutorial) and I've reduced the HP on some of the bosses.

Hope you like it. Please tell me what you liked and disliked about the game after your done. Thanks!

In other news:

My new Team Fortress 2 cartoon "Meet the Spy" is already half finished, but probably the best news is the announcement of "LoP Trilogy Part 3".
Yes, after collecting a lot of ideas, I have finally started writing the script for the third installement.

The bad news: It wont be coming anytime soon. Most likely next year.
The good news: Edwyn, Woody (aka Cody) and DP will return to reprise their respective roles.

Hang in there.

Posted by Holy-Howard - May 2nd, 2008

I'm really sorry guys, but I removed the game for now.

Eventhough the game has only been up for 6 hours I'm quite shocked that it isn't more played as intended. I mean... only 3 reviews?

Not only that I've relized over 60 people have played act 1 and uploaded their score into the leaderboard, but the amounth of people completing act 2 has already dramaticly decreased to 13. Actually, only 5 people have finished all five acts.
5 from over 60! :-(

So it pretty obvious to say that the majority of gamers didn't had any fun with the first level and think the rest is as bad/boring or whatever. This project is too important to me to just forget about it and move on; so I removed it to tweek it.

I'm going to add more stuff and probably will redo the entire tutorial in a fun way.

Sorry again, guys - But only 5 people completing the game after 6 hours is not what I was hoping for.

- Howard

//Gnomi gets tweeked

Posted by Holy-Howard - April 14th, 2008

Hey everyone. Quick newsflash!

My new shootinggame 'Gnomotron' is almost finished and will be released May 2nd!

If humor and shooting is your thing, then this game is something for you.

Screenshots can be found here:

Teaser Trailer is here:
http://www.blueglue.de/sites/stuff_tea ser_gnomotron.htm

Have fun!

The Gnomes are coming!

Posted by Holy-Howard - February 15th, 2008

After weeks of hard work my new webdesign is finally finished.
Go and check out blueglue.de NOW! :-P

Posted by Holy-Howard - January 18th, 2008

Due to my surprisingly popular flashcartoon "Meet the Pyro", I've decided to make a new video about the 'Team Fortress 2' game. This time the spy will introduce himself.

I've read through all the reviews and am going to improve the animations and reduce the cartoons running time.
The video is going to be more like the original Valve-videos and there wont be so much talking anymore.
"Woody Forrest" and me already made the script and right now he is going to record the voices.
I plan to finish the cartoon in 1 to 2 months.

Meet the Spy is in the making

Posted by Holy-Howard - January 1st, 2008

My new flashcartoon "Meet the Pyro" is online.
All you 'Team Fortress' Fans check it out and tell me what you think. ;)


Meet the Pyro is online